Fake Tokens Multiply in Wake of PayPal’s PYUSD Stablecoin Launch

Fake Tokens Multiply in Wake of PayPal's PYUSD Stablecoin Launch

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Last updated: 12/08/2023Paypal PYUSD

In response to PayPal’s recent introduction of its stablecoin, PYUSD, the cryptocurrency community has witnessed an influx of individuals attempting to profit from the buzz by creating their own mimicked tokens.

Rapid Emergence of Duplicate Tokens

Data from DEX Screener, a decentralized exchange scanner, has unveiled the appearance of nearly 30 new token pairs labeled as “PYUSD” shortly after PayPal’s announcement. These fake tokens have been launched on different blockchain networks, spanning BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Coinbase’s latest layer 2 solution, Base.

Validating the Genuine PYUSD Token

It’s vital to note that the legitimate PayPal USD token was unveiled in November 2022 and can be verified through a specific contract address.

PayPal’s Clear Guidelines for PYUSD

PayPal has explicitly stated that PYUSD transactions are limited to verified PayPal accounts and compatible wallets. This makes it unlikely that any tokens sharing the same ticker on platforms like UniSwap are authentic.

Trading Volume and Value Swings

Despite this clarification, the most prominent imposter PYUSD token, established on the Ethereum network, has recorded significant trading volume, reaching $2.6 million since its inception. This occurred just moments after PayPal’s stablecoin announcement. However, the token’s value has subsequently plummeted by over 66% from its peak.

Humor Amid Deception

Interestingly, certain counterfeit PYUSD tokens have adopted playful monikers like “PepeYieldUnibotSatoshiDoge.” One such token experienced an astonishing 3,000% surge in value within a span of four hours.

Alert: Beware of Honeypot Traps

Regrettably, several of these phony PYUSD tokens are likely designed as “honeypots,” a term describing scams where investors purchase a token that cannot be sold, inevitably resulting in the loss of their crypto assets. This predicament usually becomes evident when investors attempt to sell their holdings.

Historical Trend of Meme Coins

This pattern is not unprecedented in the crypto realm. Speculators, often dubbed “degens,” frequently seize the moment to create new meme coins in response to trending narratives and events.

Exercising Caution in the Crypto Landscape

PayPal’s stablecoin launch has triggered a surge in imposter tokens. Some have undergone significant price fluctuations before diminishing in value. As individuals navigate the crypto terrain, remaining vigilant is crucial to evade falling into common traps such as scams and honeypots present in today’s market.

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