JustBet’s $75,000 Referral Contest Energizes Crypto Gambling Enthusiasts

JustBet's $75,000 Referral Contest Energizes Crypto Gambling Enthusiasts

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Last updated: 02/09/2023JustBet

In a remarkable move to celebrate its dedicated community and foster excitement among crypto gambling enthusiasts, JustBet, the decentralized crypto casino and betting platform, has officially launched a referral contest. This contest, running from August 29 to October 1, offers participants the opportunity to claim a share of the substantial $75,000 prize pool.

The Volume-Based Reward Pool: Earning Through Referrals

At the heart of this contest lies the Volume-Based Reward Pool, featuring a generous $50,000 prize pool denominated in USDC. Here’s how it works: Participants have the chance to earn rewards based on the total volume generated by their referrals. The prize distribution is divided into tiers, each associated with specific referral volume milestones.

Achieving a total referral volume of $1,000,000 secures a $5,000 reward for the top 20 referrers.

As the referral volume scales up, the prize pool expands, culminating in the highest tier at $20,000,000, where the top 50 referrers can claim a remarkable $50,000 prize.

Wallet-Based Reward Pool: Rankings and Referral Numbers

Another captivating aspect of the contest is the Wallet-Based Reward Pool, which ranks participants based on the number of referrals they bring in. To qualify as a referral user, each referral must have a minimum volume of $1,000 and place at least 10 individual bets (with multiple bets counting as a single bet).

The prize distribution in this category is linked to the number of qualified referral users. The top 10 wallet holders with 250 referrals can earn a $2,000 prize, while the top 50 wallet holders with 3,000 referrals stand a chance to win a substantial $25,000.

Uniting the Community: More Than a Contest

JustBet’s referral contest isn’t just about competition; it’s a celebration of its loyal community. Participants are encouraged to harness their referral links and share the excitement, making this contest a collective experience that unites players and supporters.

Simplified Betting Experience: One-Click, Gas-Free Betting

In a recent development, JustBet introduced one-click, gas-free betting on its platform. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, custodial funds, and concerns about sudden account closures. Users can now seamlessly sign up using their email and social accounts.

To fund their wallets, users have the option to deposit wETH, USDC, or wBTC on the Arbitrum network or connect their MetaMask wallet for direct funding. This innovation has garnered widespread acclaim within the crypto community, with users and enthusiasts praising JustBet’s commitment to streamlining and securing the betting experience.

Future Possibilities: Expanding Accessibility

Speculation is rife within the crypto gambling sphere that JustBet may introduce fiat deposit options in the near future, potentially further broadening the platform’s accessibility and appeal to a wider audience of crypto and traditional gamblers alike.

JustBet’s $75,000 Referral Contest stands as a testament to its commitment to community engagement and rewarding its most loyal supporters. With innovative features and a promising future, JustBet continues to shine in the world of decentralized crypto gambling. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and announcements from this pioneering platform.



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